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Keeping Yourself Strong 

The well being of families depends on their ability to create their own solutions to the challenges they face. The way that support is delivered to the state means that it can be very difficult for parents to have the confidence to put their ideas into action.Keeping Yourself Strong Workshops help parents feel better about themselves and gives them the confidence to put their ideas of what would help their families into practice.

These workshops are about improving our lives by thinking about ourselves and coming up with practical solutions that help our families get the most out of life. It has been such a positive experience. (Parent, 2012)

The workshops offer parents:
  • A positive space to reflect on their family experience and to learn about different ways of understanding impairment and disability
  • An opportunity to try out meditation and relaxation techniques that helps them feel positive
  • The chance to think beyond available services to community life and to explore ways they can help each other put their ideas into action

We also offer Keeping Yourself Strong Workshops to professionals working with disabled children, young people and their families. We do this because professionals frequently ask us how they could work in ways that empower the families they are working with.

I feel empowered and understand now that it is not just parents who need to build their resilience. It is equally important for professionals. The workshops reminded me why I came into this work in the first place and have given me the strength to stick my neck out for the families I support.

The workshops offer professionals:
  • A fresh perspective on the family experience of living with impairment and disablement
  • An opportunity for self reflection and the chance to try out meditation and relaxation techniques that help them stay positive
  • The chance to think beyond available services to community life and to develop strategies allowing for genuine co-production

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“I needed this for myself and my boy. He does need to be part of his community."
(Parent, 2012)

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