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We hope to be able to answer some of your most regular queries here.

Sick Pay

PAs working regular hours are entitled to sick pay. The amount employees are entitled to depends on the hours they work.
To qualify for statutory sick pay employees must have been ill for 4 days in a row (including non working days) and earn £109 (before tax) each week.

If a PA does not qualify for statutory sick pay, but has to take time off due to illness, employers have a duty to supply them with a Statutory Sick Pay form (SSP1). This enables PAs to apply for Employment & Support Allowance instead.

Because some PAs work such a few hours, and PAs and employers have such close relationships, we know many PAs who simply rearrange their hours to make up the time they have missed if they have been off sick. This arrangement is between each employer and their PA(s).

Holiday Entitlement

We often get asked how to work out a PAs holiday entitlement. The government determines how much holiday we are entitled to. Most PAs work a small number of hours every week. Those regular weekly hours are multiplied by 5.6 and this gives us their yearly entitlement. For example, if a PA works for 5 hours each week, they are entitled to 28 hours holiday a year (5 x 5.6 = 28).

We work this out for you and then it is entered onto your PA's record.

Please make sure all holiday hours are clearly entered onto the timesheet.

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