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ibk works closely with families across Sheffield. We help you with PA recruitment, payroll and budget management and we run workshops for your children and young people to help them explore their potential.

More information about the workshops is on the Our Lives, Our Way page. To read more please click the button on the left.

We also hold family teas once a month where families can get together, meet the ibk team and have a meal together. Please contact Gabriella to reserve places: gabriella@ibkinitiatives.com

April teas

Of Course We Can from ibk initiatives on Vimeo.

Of Course We Can is a DVD made by Gloucestershire County Council to show some of their innovative work under Aiming High for Disabled Children.
Stories do not have to be sophisticated to carry a valuable message. The essence of a story can be told in a sentence or a paragraph. Stories are told through drawings, paintings, play, role play, music, video clips or photographs.

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Communication is about showing people how we feel, who we are, and then somebody else can do that as well.
Miriam, 2010

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"Some children don’t communicate through speech or language. Some parents are too tired and stressed to complain, or lack the confidence to speak out. Who will find these people?  Who will help those children and parents who haven’t got a voice?"
(Parent, 2009)