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At ibk we offer both payroll services and full budget management.

Payroll and Payroll Plus

For those families who hold their own budget we offer a payroll service. On receipt of a monthly timesheet we process the payroll, including holiday entitlements and working out any payment due to HMRC and then we send the paperwork back to the family; this includes a simple financial statement to make it easy for you to know what you need to pay and to whom.

For some familes dealing with HMRC is daunting and so we offer our payroll plus service where we make the payments to HMRC and then invoice for that amount. That way the family only needs to liaise with ibk.

Budget management

For other familes we hold the money in a dedicated IB bank account. The council pays the money into this on a regular basis and we then use this to pay your PAs and any other invoices. We run the payroll exactly as with the payroll service above, but we make all the payments to the PAs and HMRC and we simply send out a financial statement monthly so you know exactly what is happening with your account. We also submit this information to the council quarterly for auditing.

We have put together a booklet to help explain the basics of payroll and budget management processes.

Please click here to download it:
ibk initiatives payroll budget management booklet.pdf

For further information please contact Nicola:

And for a list of our costs please download this document:
Cost of ibk services Jan2014.pdf


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