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Personalised Transition

Being a young adult is a significant life stage that brings opportunities and challenges. ibk works with The Centre for Welfare Reform to transform this experience for disabled young people who cannot take for granted ordinary rites of passage such as getting a job, having a home of their own, getting married or having children.

We want to see disabled young people take their rightful place in the midst of our society, with the confidence to reach for their dreams.  We want to see them take part in their local communities, with opportunities to make their own unique contribution.

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Pippa Murray leads the development of Personalised Transition for the Centre for Welfare Reform. We work to support young people and their families navigate their way through this difficult time. We work with agencies in education, health and social care to create new ways of working that enable disabled young people shape their own lives and control their own destiny.

With support from the Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Programme The Centre for Welfare Reform has been making significant progress in extending these ideas in Barnsley, Calderdale, North East Lincolnshire, Rotherham, Sheffield and York. If you want to get involved in sharing your ideas, finding out more or getting help locally then please contact us.

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"I would like a job when I leave school and I hope that I can get one."

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Personalised Transition: innovations in health, education and support by Alison Cowen describes a new way of offering support to disabled young people as they leave school. Personalised Transition is a system enabling young people with complex support needs to leave school and achieve citizenship within their local communities.
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Citizenship in Further Education by Pippa Murray outlines the need for, and the possibility of, significant progress in personalising support in further education foryoung disabled people. It is an important paper that provides local leaders with clear stepping-stones for progress. Without these changes the citizenship of young people will be undermined, and communities will continue to fail to welcome the gifts of their young people.


Flexible Funding Routes in FE by Pippa Murray outlines the steps needed to secure Additional Learning Support Funding that enables young people with complex impairments access learning when they leave school. 

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