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Our Lives Our Way

Our Lives Our Way is a project helping disabled children, young people and their families in Sheffield make the most out of a Direct Payment or Personal Budget.

We are running monthly Performing Art Workshops for young people between the ages of 10 - 18 to help them explore their lives, find out what is important to them and what their hopes and dreams for the future are.In year One the young people worked towards a public exhibition of their work in the summer of 2013. We found an art form that each young person responds to and help them express themselves through that art form. This included film, photography, dance, painting, music recording/producing and theatre. The workshops are fully inclusive,multi sensory and accessible to all the young people attending. Disabled children, young people and their brothers and sisters are welcome.

The aim of Our Lives Our Way is to work out how a combination of community connecting, personal budgets, health and social care commissioning, grant funding and self funding can make ordinary lives for disabled children and their families a reality. The voices of children, young people and families will guide the development of the project. Working closely with partners in the statutory and voluntary sector will allow us to feed these voices back to a wider audience so that partners in the city can develop their services and support accordingly.

We also have a Independent Life Skills group every Friday, a fortnightly baking group and a fortnightly theatre group.
For information on any of these please contact Kiera on 0114 223 0236 or 

For more information about Our Lives Our Way, get in touch with Pippa:

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"Coming to yoga makes me feel happy and I enjoy seeing all of my friends."

Josh, 2011


Our Lives, Our Way is funded through Children in Need and ibk