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We bring together specialist teams to carry out consultations with disabled children, young people and their families.

We help organisations develop tools so that they can feed the voices of disabled children and their families into the development of the service they offer as a matter of course. We help commissioners in Children's Services use the voice of children and families to inform future developments.

Listening is more than pointing your ears in someone’s direction and computing the words which come out of their mouths. Listening can mean going for a walk with someone and noticing what captures their interest. It can mean learning to recognise situations in which a person becomes upset, or becomes animated; it can mean watching a person’s movements, or the activities they choose over others; it can mean creating opportunities for that person to experience new things and observing their response. It can mean holding a person when they cry. ( Mason, M. Incurably Human London, Working Press, 2000)


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"We have made so many improvements over the past few years that it came as a shock to hear that some families are still finding it so hard."(Aiming High Project Manager, 2011)