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Our experience has taught us that the most profound change comes through skillful facilitation.

Our approach to facilitation is informed by the understanding afforded by the social model of disability:

Sometimes it's my medical condition that stops me from being able to go out, like when I don't feel well or my body stiffens up too much to sit still. Other times it's because there are steps into places, or there is no one to take me or no one to go with.
Lewis, 16

We also appreciate that the prevailing cultural view of disability and impairment means that not everyone has the opportunity to understand that we are all of equal value.

We bring these understandings to our facilitation. We are aware that, in spite of our experience, we do not necessarily hold the answers to the specific problems facing the people we are working with. In keeping with our understanding of a person centred approach - the best solutions come from those whose lives are directly affected - we take the view that skillful facilitation can solve longstanding problems and break through barriers.

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"If we didn't even listen the world would stop going around and we wouldn't even have friends."
Denisa & Miriam, 2010