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All our training is based on 'Changing Perspectives' - a unique programme based on the family experience of living with impairment and disablement. We provide insight into the hopes, aspirations and everyday experience of disabled families.

Our courses inspire participants to change their perspective of living with impairment in a disabling world so that they can develop their own creative response to meet the needs of the people they are working with. We help people take a creative approach to the challenges they face, and to return to their work reconnected to a sense of purpose about what they are trying to do.

We have established courses and we design and develop new courses to meet the needs of our partners.

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"This three day training has completely changed the way I see things. Pippa has such a powerful story to tell, and she tells it in a way that inspires and encourages. I can honestly say school is a different place now."
(Headteacher, 2010)